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Water TRAC-Northeast
P.O. Box 2243 
Cranberry Township Pa. 16066

Water TRAC-Central
7845 N. Robinson Ave.
Suite E2
Oklahoma City, OK. 73116

WaterTRAC - Water Management Services
H20 Resources LLC has developed a proven and innovative water management data collection system. The system electronically tracks the transfers of water and manages them in our event processing system for a powerful water management tool. The Water TRAC solution offers a real-time, automated oversight and reporting of FW, FB, and produced water usage or disposal. Our mission is to provide oil/ gas operators with a unique set of tools to help manage the large volume of water required for today's development.  We have tracked over 220 Million Barrels of fluid comprising over 2.8 million event transactions. The Water TRAC system benefits the operators; regulatory, accounting, operations, completions, community relations, and management departments to keep updated on their water operations and suppliers to drive down the total cost of water.

 Water TRAC has made available a certified Software Licensing Program for water transfer companies and producers. To submit an inquiry please forward a RFQ to Licensing@watertrac.com. 

H20 Resources LLC will  celebrate our 7th anniversary in September,2016.

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