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Water TRAC-Northeast
P.O. Box 2243 
Cranberry Township Pa. 16066

Water TRAC-Central
7845 N. Robinson Ave.
Suite E2
Oklahoma City, OK. 73116

WaterTRAC - Water Management Services
H20 Resources LLC has developed a proven and innovative water management data collection system. The system electronically tracks the transfers of water and manages them in our event processing system for a powerful water management tool. The Water TRAC solution offers a real-time, automated oversight and reporting of FW, FB, and produced water usage or disposal. Our mission is to provide oil/ gas operators with a unique set of tools to help manage the large volume of water required for today's development.  We have tracked over 150 Million Barrels of fluid comprising over 2 million event transactions. The Water TRAC system benefits the operators; regulatory, accounting, operations, completions, community relations, and management departments to keep updated on their water operations and suppliers to drive down the total cost of water.

In March 2013, Water TRAC has made available a certified Software Licensing Program for water transfer companies and producers. To submit an inquiry please forward a RFQ to Licensing@watertrac.com. 

H20 Resources LLC is celebrating our 5th anniversary in September,2014.

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